M.I.L Project

MIL-parkingGeneva Motor Show, March 4. 2013 - Induct, Muses and the LIVIC have been working together to create M.I.L, an electric and bimodal (with or without a driver) vehicle, stemmed from a project aiming to evaluate and develop the efficiency of a car-sharing service, through to the optimization of parking space and automated convoy.

Laureate of the call to projects “Smart vehicle – City of the future”, launched by the Yvelines’ general Council, M.I.L is a vehicle concept based on emerging mobility markets such as car-sharing, urban logistics, small public transports and mobility in industrial parks, business or leisure centers…

M.I.L, a smart vehicle

M.I.L can move a fleet of vehicles thanks to only one driver. Vehicles are equipped with the “Follow-Me” technology, allowing them to synchronize their moves. A robotized arm, a technical innovation developed by Muses, connects each vehicle to the one in front of it. The automated convoy allows to decrease the cost of the car-sharing stations’ rebalancing, or to optimize transit in a warehouse, M.I.L being adapted to transport passengers or goods.

MIL-parking-2M.I.L is able to park itself in a parking lot, notably thanks to the SLAM MOT (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping, Moving Object Tracking) technology, developed by Induct. An interactive terminal is at the disposal of the user, who thus can leave his car at the entrance of the parking lot, as if M.I.L was a valet. The car parks itself, guided by sensors that take control of it, which allows an optimal space management and a saving of time for the user.

Economic and autonomous, M.I.L is equipped with an induction charging system, which allows it to charge quickly, without plug or human intervention needed.

For more informations, please download the press release.