Video Gallery

Navia at the Circuit of the Americas

June 2013

Discover Navia in Austin, at the Circuit of the Americas.People in Austin got the chance to discover and try Navia on the 8th and 9th of June 2013.

The city of Luxembourg tests Navia

April 2013

As part of its eco responsible strategy and its will to become a test plateforme for driverless vehicles, Luxembourg tested Navia for a day, in the presence of the Ministry of economy and foreign trade as well as a few Mangrove Capital Partners executives — Induct ‘s financial partners.

Navia on the streets of Lyon

March 2013

The city of Lyon tested for the first time the Navia self-driving shuttle in its city center, with the presence of Mr Gerrard Collomb, Senator Mayor of Lyon. In partnership with Only Lyon and Grand Lyon.

Project M.I.L.

March 2013

Presentation of the new self-parking solution developped by Induct in partnership with Muses and the LIVIC at the Geneva Motor Show.


Navia launch at EPFL

December 2012

First delivery of Navia on the EPFL’s campus in Lausanne, followed by a press conference and a series of test drives.

Mobility day at Le Vésinet

October 2012

Navia’s first spin in a city center, in Le Vésinet, France.

Interview with Pierre Lefevre at Innorobo

March 2012

Pierre Lefevre talks about Navia, also known as Cybergo at Innorob, Europe’s largest robotics trade show.

Induct turns Mia cars into a self-valet parking

March 2012

Presentation of the first robotized parking system, developped by Induct in partnership with Mia Electric.

Navia at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

February 2012

Official passenger transport of the Superbowl media launch party at Indianapolis, USA.

Navia first media test day

October 2011

Officiel launch of the first self-driving shuttle at the Cité des Science and in the parcs of the Chateau de Fontainebleau.

3D simulation of Cybergo & Modulgo in Laval

June 2011

Simulation of a Cybergo and Modulgo service in the city of Laval, France.

2010 Paris auto show

October 2010

Presentation of the first Navia prototype at the Paris auto show.

Project Auto’nomie

July 2009

Allowing a blind man to drive a car without human assistance on a race track. At the wheel of a Renault Scenic equipped with Induct’s technology, Luc Costermans drives alone around the race track, reaching speeds of 45 mph.